‼️Another 7 Day Week For Us‼️

????9 Home Removals
????3 Deliveries
????2 Packing
????4 Home Cleaning
????1 storage Organised
⚒️14 Items Disassembled + Rebuilt

£460 Savings On Our Offers This Week!

We have been here there and everywhere in the UK. Mainly Weston super Mare, we have also been to Birmingham, Newquay, Bridgwater, Taunton, and Bristol. Some more amazing 5 star reviews. Our customers constantly tell us we are as we say on the tin. We remove the stress from your move. We are just doing our job, a job we love.

We are growing every single day, without our customers we have nothing. Customer satisfaction is our biggest priority. We like to make the new home like there old home and asif they never moved. Everything goes exactly where they like, everything gets plugged and plumbed back in. We always try and refuse tips as we are already happy with our price, our customers won’t let us. This week alone is close to £600 worth. This must say we are doing somthing right. We love what we do, and feel like the quality of service for the price you pay is 100% unbeatable.

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Hope you had a lovely Weekend
MLW Team

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