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????????????A MASSIVE thank you to all 12 of our customers this week ????????????

Bussines is really starting to pick up again like normal after a quiet January and February. As you know many people don’t like moving just after Christmas. Enquireies and bookings are really flooding in now.

We have been here there and everywhere this week, mainly Weston super Mare. Bridgewater Taunton Bristol and Birmingham also. We have provided many other services not just Removals. This week we have Packed and Unpacked a customers House, also providing the materials. Dismantled 12 items and rebuilt them. And 2 customers have taken us up on our after move clean.

It’s been a very windy wet week, but nothing will stop us doing what we love the most. Removing the stress from customers moves, meeting new people and seeing new places.

Thank you once again for your custom and some amazing 5 ???? reviews. It really means alot.

For a FREE QUOTE please contact Mitch on 07972605650 or message our page. We try our best to reply as fast as we can, and answer the phone all the time. Please note we are always on the move everyday, this will cause a delay in response time but we will get back to you.

Thank you very much for reading.

MLW Team ????

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